• Effective Communication

  • I recently had an opportunity to present at a conference with small business owners. I focused on the keys to effective communication. We had a lively discussion and everyone in the room learned that we all have our preferences for communicating. Some said they liked to communicate face to face. Others indicated they preferred to text or go through social media. The differences seemed to vary according to age and personality style (introverts and extroverts). However, in business I relayed that it is imperative not to be stuck on your preferences and make sure you use different mediums to reach your target audiences. The heart of the presentation focused on two main areas that many businesses overlook – developing key messages and a communication strategy. No matter how you communicate or what method you use, it is important to define the messages you want to convey and then be intentional about how those messages will be communicated.

    Here’s an example of someone who was not clear about what they wanted to convey, and as such their message was lost on the audience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9Cm78aOhWc.

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