• Corporate Training

  • Our team is poised and ready to customize unique trainings and workshops for your organization, church or group.

  • Mastering Your Message Can Be Easy

    “One of the most power skills you can acquire is the ability to express your vision in a way that moves the hearts of mankind.”  − Antonio E. Cheeks

    You have something to say, but like many people, you find it hard or even frightening to present your thoughts or vision in front of a group.  This course will provide you with industry-proven techniques that will put you at ease and help you connect with your audience in an impactful way. You will experience an interactive and hands-on training that will increase your confidence as a speaker. 

    You will learn how to: 

    1. Design your speaking philosophy
    2. Create an opening that grabs attention
    3. Establish authority and trust
    4. Develop a conversational flow that’s easy to follow
    5. Keep your audience engaged effortlessly  
    6. Use visual aids more effectively
  • Content Marketing in a Digital Age

    Content marketing (i.e. using videos, powerful images, first-person narratives, infographics, informational blog posts, etc. across social media) bolsters your brand’s reputation and attracts traffic to your website, thus increasing the likelihood of converting visitors to donors, clients, advocates and volunteers! This training will help you use content to build relationships with your customers for long-term returns!

    You will learn:

    • The importance of content marketing
    • How to create content that others crave
    • The art and science of content marketing
    • Do's and Don'ts


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